Thursday, April 6, 2017

Azzhaley Auel's testimony DHS bill SB687 in Oregon  Southeast Portland Oregon.

CPS has lied again and again to illegally remove my 1 1/2 year old daughter. After my ex husband who is the grandson of an extremely wealthy and powerful author sexually assualted me in my apartment complex driveway there was a court order that after 14days as long as I moved and got my stuff together I would have my baby back, but she would remain with my father Patrick Reynolds for the 14 days while I move and what not. Well I followed ALL of the court order. On the 14th day CPS came with two armed officers and removed my child from my father's home. Then the Thursday before president day weekend the CPS worker called an emergency hearing. She lied in court and said I'm homeless when I have video of the people who CPS had in my home four times a week for two months in my new apartment that they helped pay for. Not only that they lied and said my dad was charged with sexually assulting a minor four times in 2012. We got my father's records back to 1988 and there isn't anything. Not only that my dad is a foster parent! So CPS then placed my child with the family of the man that sexually assualted me. Now I'm fighting to get her back!!!!
Azzhaley's daughter was removed falsely by DHS. Azzhaley's daughter was then given a new pediatrician without her knowing and with no judges orders vaccinated her daughter on a different schedule than she requested. Her story tells it all. She's testifying for a bill that amends the definition of abuse to clearly state that NOT vaccinating or delaying vaccination is not grounds for abuse.

Here's the link to the bill:

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